Episode 02: Ilya Polyakov from Revolve Robotics

Welcome to the second episode of Into the Forge, the Lemnos podcast interviewing hardware entrepreneurs to learn the stories behind their products and startups.

Episode 02’s guest is Ilya Polyakov, the co-founder of Revolve Robotics.

Revolve Robotics is creating a tablet-based robotic platform that enhances video calling with remote controlled movement thus enabling consumer grade telepresence.  The initial product called Kubi is a desktop robotic stand for the iPad. Kubi allows a remote user in a different location during a video call to have complete control of pan and tilt of the iPad and therefore its on-board camera. With Kubi, a remote user can follow the action and movement of people on the other end of the call, look around a large meeting or group, and even convey physical social cues of a present individual such as showing others where and whom they are looking at. Revolve Robotics plans to leverage advances in mobile computing platforms to enable greater functionality in telepresence and personal robotics.

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