Our 2013 New Years’ Resolutions


After taking the last week to reflect…2012 was a wild ride. We raised our first fund. We made nine investments. We saw two other incubators pop up in our space and a new fund dedicated to robotics. In March, Kiva Systems was acquired by Amazon for $775M and in November, Cisco acquired Meraki for $1.2B. In year one of our existence, we’ve seen two major myths about hardware debunked:

Hardware companies can’t raise money

Hardware doesn’t have big exists

What’s changed? Everything really, but we’ll delve into the details with a series of subsequent posts: changes in how we interact with physical & digital world, advances in rapid prototyping, and disruptive new e-commerce platforms.

What can you expect from Lemnos Labs in 2013?

  • We’re now accepting startups into our incubator program year-round. Feel free to reach out even if it’s before you’re ready to submit a full application.
  • We’ll be hosting a variety of events from happy hours to panels to conferences. Join our events list so that you don’t miss out.
  • We’re going to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the hardware startup world. We’ll try to blog a couple times a month ourselves and we’ll ask our mentors and portfolio CEO’s to share a few of their experiences as well. We’ll also aggregate our favorite articles from around the web on twitter and facebook.