We’re hiring!

If you want to learn and contribute to the hardware startup renaissance, have we got a role for you! Inspired by one of our partner’s first job in major league baseball, we describe this role as “the utility player”; the team member who plays a different position every day and whose contributions are critical to our success. This role has tasks varying from the mundane to ones requiring huge creative thought.

We’re looking for someone who has a diligent work ethic, excellent critical thinking skills, and the burning desire to help startups create world-changing hardware. Lemnos Labs is the early stage hardware fund bringing Silicon back to the Valley, and you’ll be at ground zero of the renaissance.


· Marketing and Outreach

Our warehouse is a hub in the San Francisco hardware startup scene. Whether it’s a meet-up group needing space, a Lemnos conference deep-diving into technology, or a co-sponsored event with our strategic and venture partners, you’ll be integral in organizing and executing these soirees. You’ll get to know everyone working on hardware startups, giving you insights and connections few others have.

We maintain an active presence on the inter-webs, and we’re looking for someone who enjoys connecting with our followers via email, Twitter, Facebook, AngelList, podcasts, etc. You’ll be part of our digital voice.

· Office Manager

Making sure our office, the Forge, is in top form for our startups, visitors, and partners is a critical part of this role. The startups themselves help keep the Forge in good condition, but you are ultimately responsible for the quality of our working environment.

· Partner Assistance

The three Lemnos Labs partners are fairly self-sufficient, but we could definitely use help with scheduling meetings, filtering common digital inboxes, ordering items, and greeting our guests. You’ll also assist with our mentor program.

· Special Projects

While our utility player has plenty of important tasks, we know this person is motivated and ready to learn. As you ramp up, there will be opportunities to execute research under partner tutelage, be the representative for Lemnos at industry events, and other top secret things.


Our ideal candidate is well-educated, motivated to learn, and has a infectious positive attitude. We’re ideally looking for a college graduate with a degree in marketing or engineering who wants to learn the inner workings of an early stage hardware fund. You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. A demonstrated ability to organize great events is a big plus.

This full time role is open today and based at our office in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Lemnos Labs has a market competitive compensation package including benefits. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@lemnoslabs.com.