Food As A Service

I enjoyed the recent TechCrunch post “The World of Everything-As-A-Service” because it highlights a fundamental piece of the hardware renaissance. We finally have the entire technology stack to expose physical objects as (virtual) services. At Lemnos Labs, we’re watching this play out in many market segments, including food delivery. I used to half-jokingly refer to our portfolio company Pantry Labs as having pioneered “Food As A Service (FaaS)”, but their solution is a reality, not a jest. Pantry gives consumers fresh, healthy food in places they are used to only getting chips and sodas, but more importantly, Pantry uses cutting edge technology and cloud infrastructure to let food suppliers know what consumers are buying and when to restock in remote locations, a critical part in getting fresh food out of the kitchen and into your hands.

Alex Yancher, one of the Pantry founders, has a post on Food+Tech Connect about innovation in the food space. It’s a great read and further evidence that the hardware renaissance extends past PCBs and devices to impact huge markets like food preparation and delivery.