We Have a New Web Site

You might have noticed our new web site. Our original site dated back to the beginning of Lemnos Labs, and many mentioned to us that it was showing its age. Ok, people might have been a bit more blunt than that!
Lemnos Labs will never be a marketing machine. There are only 25 hours in a day and we take pride that 24 of those go towards working with our startups. Our startups’ success is the only metric that matters. Having said this, you’ll see a renewed presence from us in 2016, focused on bringing the lessons and insights we’ve learned at Lemnos Labs to a wider audience. We hope to spark dialog on a number of the opportunities and challenges we all face in this hardware renaissance.
We hope you enjoy the new site. Simple, clean, and concise. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback, and we hope you enjoy the content we’ll be posting throughout this year.