FAQ: Who Does Lemnos Labs Invest In?

One of the most frequent questions we get is “Who does Lemnos Labs invest in? Do you incubate companies? Are you an venture fund investing in bigger hardware startups?”

The answer is yes.

Lemnos Labs is well known for funding small teams of entrepreneurs who’ve just started their hardware company. They have a functioning yet rough prototype, understand the basics of their market and economic value chain, and are ready to spent time in an intensive program to hone their technical, business, and go-to-market capabilities. These founders love the fact that Lemnos Labs startups also have an impressive ability to garner downstream VC funding. 

We also have a program for single founders who are still ideating and searching for co-founders. Many of these founders haven’t even incorporated yet. We give them full access to the Lemnos program for a period, focused on helping them find the missing technical pieces, business plan modeling, and co-founders needed to launch a successful startup.

As an early stage hardware venture fund, we also invest in hardware teams who are farther along in their journey but still desire the proven benefits that Lemnos Labs offers hardware teams. These teams often have more employees, are farther along in their development cycle, but need help catalyzing complex business models, deploying complicated manufacturing and logistics chains, solving the technical problems associated with later stages of the development cycle, and raising significant venture capital along side other financing tools.

Lemnos Labs is uniquely positioned to be the first partner in your hardware startup and the smartest partner to join your efforts. No startup is too early for Lemnos and almost no startup is too late for Lemnos. We typically initially invest $250K to $500K in our startups and can invest up to $1M in the right opportunities. We’d love to hear about what you are working on!