Our Team is Growing!

The success of Lemnos Labs startups is our singular focus. Success has many dimensions. Our companies require capital to scale and our first fifteen startups alone have successfully raised over $200M in venture capital. But capital alone does not equate to success. Our startups are powered by great people and knowledge more so than dollars.

Lemnos Labs itself is a small, focused team. We subscribe to the theory that you hire fewer of the best and aggressively over-achieve. It started with Helen and Jeremy. I joined a short time later, and last year Jennifer joined to hugely improve our internal Operations capabilities.

We’ve known for some time that we wanted someone with corporate and entrepreneurial experience who would significantly augment our manufacturing and logistics capabilities. We know that the right manufacturing, logistics, and operations partners vary for each of our startups. This means we need a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise at Lemnos Labs about domestic and international manufacturing partners and best practices in an ever-changing environment.

We are excited to announce that Tim Skowronski has joined our team as Director of Portfolio Development. His experience at Intel, Apple, Mission Motors, Square, and most recently Sproutling (acquired by Mattel) will be invaluable in helping our startups before and during the ramp into full-scale manufacturing and logistics. Whether it is an enterprise startup building 1000 units a year or a consumer startup racing to ramp into 100K units, Tim has the experience and expertise to help them be successful in this critical growth phase. He also brings first-hand experience and passion about how startups transition from initial founding team to high-performance organizations.

Tim is going to teach us and our Lemnos Labs portfolio companies so many valuable lessons and techniques. Welcome aboard!