Joining Lemnos…

I joined (in spirit) Helen, Jeremy, and Eric at Lemnos years before I actually joined. Helen and I met on the soccer field. She was keeper on a team that my wife also played for. It was multiple seasons before we even talked about what we did when we weren’t playing soccer. It turns out we were both in hardware! I was at Mission Motors at the time and I asked to come see what she was up to with Lemnos. I immediately fell in love with that dirty old garage and the scrappy companies at the Forge. I would make frequent trips for design reviews, to chat about the state of hardware, and to flip burgers at the bbq’s. At one such bbq and during the burger flipping, I met Chris Bruce (founder of Sproutling). Chris and I had a great conversation on wearables and his company’s current state. Chris and I met often to discuss developing products and eventually he persuaded me to join Sproutling full time. After Sproutling was acquired by Mattel, I began to feel the pull to do what Jeremey referred to as “return to the nest” that is Lemnos. So I did.
As Director of Portfolio Development, I will be working with the companies at the New Forge to develop solid product development plans, and helping them to craft a path to a successful launch.
I couldn’t be more excited about joining Lemnos, about the role, and about the interactions will all of the creative and bright folks here.
Cheers to new adventures!
– Tim