Airware Raises a $30 M Series C

We first invested in Airware in late 2012, when many people were still extremely skeptical of the potential of commercial drones. At the time, most drones were used exclusively for military applications; it was not yet clear how they would be adapted to civilian use. Jonathan and I knew each other from MIT and when he approached us about investing, it was clear to me that he had been thinking about drones for over a decade. He explained the advances that were being made and what they could be used for, but he felt there was a critical component missing: reliable autopilots and control systems.

Over time, the vision has evolved into making Airware the definitive platform for commercial drone systems.

Based on this insight, we went on to make 3 other drone-related investments: a component company [Vires] and two companies that don’t currently use drones but will greatly benefit from them when they are more fully deployed [Ceres and Enview]. Today we’re still looking for companies that want to use drones for new applications.

With the Series C, led by Next World Capital, Airware will be able to continue to build out the world’s best integrated system. In addition John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco has invested in, and joined the board. His expertise in selling complex systems to F500 companies will be invaluable in helping Airware continue to grow.