We can finally tell you about Marble

Ever notice in movies how starships accelerate to warp speed or jump into hyperspace and a few “movie” seconds later they’ve traveled across galaxy? When one of our portfolio companies comes out of stealth mode, I get that same feeling. To me it feels like only a few seconds have gone by, but in reality, the startup has been working hard for months and often years preparing to show the world their solution.

I fondly remember in May 2015 going to an apartment in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district to look at a robot prototype that someday would revolutionize last mile deliveries. The company was Marble, and my partner Jeremy and I left that meeting incredibly excited for the future. Warp through more than a year of incredibly hard work, and Matt, Jason, Kevin, plus the whole Marble team have not only jumped out of stealth mode but also announced they’ve been making food deliveries with Yelp Eat24! The BBC has a great video explaining what Marble is up to.

It’s clear the world is excited for Marble and a future where robots improve our quality of life and become an integral part of our neighborhoods. Since Wednesday’s announcement, 43 original articles have been written about Marble and 105 broadcast segments have aired all over the country. Congrats to the entire Marble team for completing the first steps in your voyage to improve the quality of everyone’s lives using robots. It went by in a flash, but it was hard work and a job well done!