Introducing Teforia Leaf

Teforia has taken their incredible smart-infusion technology and made it simpler, more customized, and more affordable with the introduction of the Teforia Leaf. With the expertise of a tea master, Teforia Leaf brings out the full flavors and nuances of their premium teas. The Washington Post covered the Leaf here, and just last week the Teforia Leaf won the prestigious World Tea Award for Best Tea Brewing Device

Congrats to the Teforia team on your hard work over many years to reach this milestone. I’m not only appreciative of Teforia as a member of the Lemnos portfolio, but I love how it has broadened my family’s understanding and appreciation of fine teas. It’s become an integral part of our daily ritual! With the Leaf announcement, more and more households will soon join in that appreciation.

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