Our newest investment has a familiar face

We founded Lemnos because we saw a deep need in the hardware space for investors with engineering backgrounds who understood the unique challenges of building a successful hardware company. One of the things that makes Lemnos unique is that our process mirrors that of our founders; it’s iterative and we believe that the best products are developed by highly motivated, ambitious teams with a combination of boundless curiosity and mental toughness.

We’re proud of Lemnos, the culture we’ve fostered, and the success of our portfolio companies. Jeremy Conrad, one of our founding partners, was instrumental in helping establish Lemnos as the premiere venture capital fund for early stage hardware startups.

When we first came together as an investment group in 2011, Jeremy was tasked with convincing investors, the media, and hardware entrepreneurs that it was time to make very early stage investments in not just technology startups, but specifically hardware startups. To say that Jeremy was a powerful evangelizer of this new way of thinking is a tremendous understatement.

If you do a quick Google search of Jeremy’s name and read through the media coverage, his thought leadership pieces, and the comments from him over the years, you will see what we are talking about. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a guy who thrives discussing early stage startup companies and is known for his passion for ideas would be interested in starting a hardware company himself. And so we are very, very pleased that Jeremy is going to do just that over the next few months. Axios has more details and Jeremy wrote a personal entry here.

He’ll still be a venture partner at Lemnos, spreading Lemnos’ vision as only Jeremy can do. And as he puts his heart and soul into this new company, we’ll be right there with him. Lemnos will be the first investor in Jeremy’s new company! Jeremy will also continue to be a resource for our portfolio companies whenever they need him.

And so this is an opportunity to give thanks and congratulate our first and biggest supporter. We look forward to seeing his first product!


Helen, Eric, and the entire Lemnos team