Flybrix Launches Target Exclusive DIY Drone Kit Using LEGO® Bricks (Special Deal Below)

Just in time for this holiday season, the Flybrix Quad Starter Kit is now available in all 1800 Target stores and on Lemnos portfolio company Flybrix offer kits that let you make rebuildable, crash-friendly drones using LEGO bricks, and now Flybrix has a new version of the kit for entry-level pilots.


“We wanted a price point that was more consumer friendly to make this STEM educational toy more accessible to more kids and people,” says Holly Kasun, Flybrix CMO and COO. “Target has been an amazing partner.”


The Quad Kit for Target has four motors and new boom-arms for more design flexibility and creativity. No soldering is required, and they are designed to be taken apart and rebuilt into different designs. While it is intended for people aged 14 and up, the Quad Kit can also be built by younger children with hands-on assistance from their parents. Adults need not worry about crashes, as the kits are meant to break on impact, so you can simply pick up the pieces and build a new drone. And if you want a greater challenge, the Quad Kit can be upgraded to an octocopter kit with additional components sold at


Flybrix’s path to Target was unusual. Most small companies have at least a year from the time they sign an agreement with a large store to the time their product is on shelves. Flybrix had 90 days. But the push paid off. Preliminary sales have been strong, and the Flybrix team is looking to take the company to the next level after the holidays.


They credit being part of Lemnos with their impressive growth as a company. “Lemnos put us through the most helpful boot camp imaginable for a start-up. They made us answer tough questions to define what our company was, plan where it was going and how to get there,” says Kasun. “They helped us govern our rogue spirit, shared lessons learned, and guided us on how to actually get our product manufactured. So once the wheels started turning, we weren’t floundering.”


The quadcopter is available in Target’s new STEM Tech Toys section, as well as online at and  To get free shipping on your Flybrix order at until December 10th, use code LEMNOSFREESHIP at checkout (*US shipping only).

Quad Starter Kit customers will also receive a free surprise pilot when you place your order on!


Also, stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Amir Hirsch, co-founder and CEO of Flybrix, in Season Two of “Into the Forge,” the Lemnos podcast. You can subscribe to “Into the Forge” through iTunes.