We are hiring an Associate

We are excited to be hiring an Associate to join the Lemnos team! Three attributes we’d use to describe our future team member are: Researcher, Trend-Spotter, and Communicator.

We are looking for an associate with passion and intelligence who wants to learn from and contribute to the best hardware VC in the business. You will not be in a corner doing busy work; you will be with the Lemnos team and portfolio helping them succeed. You will look back on your years at Lemnos as some of the most challenging and exciting years of your life, ones that positioned you to thrive in venture capital or to become an entrepreneur with massive knowledge around company building.

What you will do:

  • Research emerging technology, economic, cultural, and social trends to refine our forward investment thesis.
  • Distill what is happening in our world (funding events, company trajectories and M&A activity) and help craft an action plan to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Help expand our founder network and become a Lemnos brand ambassador by attending conferences, meetups & industry events
  • Screen inbound investment proposals
  • Craft Lemnos outbound messaging
  • Improve our institutional data warehouse, compiling and synthesizing portfolio knowledge
  • Coordinate our mentor program and VC office hours

Who we are looking for:

  • Inspired by emerging technologies, talented founders and early-stage startups
  • Engineering, math or science degree
  • One to three years experience in product development, startups, and/or consulting
  • Comfortable reviewing engineering designs, business models, and co-writing articles to place on Medium, TechCrunch, etc.

If this opportunity sounds like a great match for your background and ambition, we’d love to hear from you. In addition to a resume or LinkedIn profile, we’d love to hear about why the Lemnos opportunity is so appealing to you, and in less than 750 words have you answer the question “What are the three biggest challenges hardware entrepreneurs face in the first year of their startup’s growth?” Please send this information to associatehiring@lemnoslabs.com and we’ll quickly respond if there is a match!