Introducing Shivani Torres

Shivani is leveraging her design expertise to help fast track portfolio companies through their technical hardware challenges, as well as “identify the sticky human elements that ensure product fit.”


Shivani has helped build thousands of products at the Stanford Product Realization Lab (PRL). At Lemnos, she is utilizing the knowledge and skills she honed to completely renovate the Lemnos machine shop and rethink the Lemnos prototyping capabilities. More broadly, she is engaging other Bay Area roboticists through Lemnos community outreach and marketing initiatives.


“Through the diversity of my experiences, the diversity of my network, and diversity in the ways I problem solve, I’m bringing a fresh, multi-layered flare to the Lemnos family,” says Shivani.


In her academic and professional career, she has focused primarily, but not exclusively, on biomedical devices. Shivani graduated with an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (focused in Mechatronics and Product Design) and a B.S. in Bioengineering from Stanford University. While at Stanford, she was a DFJ Entrepreneurial Leaders Fellow, a Teaching Assistant at the Product Realization Lab (PRL), and an Equities Partner at the Kudla Hedge Fund, and she became an ME218 alumna. It was at Stanford, that she caught “the building bug.”


Prior to Lemnos, she worked in product development roles in industries that span surgical robotics (Intuitive Surgical), additive manufacturing (Carbon 3D), construction technology, and medical device development. As a technical co-founder, she helped launch two Stanford Biodesign health technology companies, Madorra Inc. and Novonate Inc., and helped developed two medical products that are up for FDA approval.


She is also interested in designing products for underdeveloped, under-resourced areas, and has helped design a therapeutic positioning device with a South African social enterprise in Cape Town, South Africa.


“Although the cutting-edge technology and the energy at Lemnos brought me in the door, the character of the leadership team and their authenticity were the reasons I stayed. I joined Lemnos for the people, and for the opportunity to be myself and to help build something great,” says Shivani. “My role at Lemnos allows me to help companies achieve their dreams and create products that will have wide-ranging impacts on people’s lives.”