Rhombus Systems Announces $3M in Funding to Upend Video Security

Rhombus Systems announced its $3 million seed funding this week. The Lemnos portfolio company is using AI and computer vision to dramatically improve video security systems and the industry.


This seed round was led by Lemnos. Other investors included Promus Ventures of Chicago and Portfolia Inc., a Menlo Park-based seed venture fund.


“Rhombus is leading the new wave of enterprise video security, pushing innovation, deep integration and solving problems that have stagnated the industry for a long time,” said Eric Klein a partner at Lemnos. “We are excited by the strong customer adoption and interest Rhombus has already garnered and are proud to have helped Rhombus redefine what video security can be.”


Rhombus video systems use intelligent security cameras, powered by AI and computer vision, to solve many problems with current video options, such as bulky hardware, complex installations, complicated servers, outdated Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and the risk of becoming compromised.


“Traditional business video security is outdated,” said Garrett Larsson, Rhombus Systems Co-founder and CEO. “By combining AI and computer vision, we are able to offer a video security system unlike any other.”


The Rhombus R1’s AI is continually learning and becoming smarter the more it is used, analyzing video footage to gather data on its surroundings and deciphering between people, objects, and motion. Moreover, the Rhombus R1 has facial recognition so the cameras can identify an individual or object that is prohibited from a space, and the system can provide their location and notify the appropriate personnel with real-time notifications.


“We not only invested in Rhombus, but we use their video security product at our office,” says Lemnos’s Klein. “The simplicity of installation, the power of their facial recognition features, and the intuitive interface just confirmed for us why Rhombus attracts so many new and repeat enterprise installations.”


Rhombus video systems are now on sale for $250 per camera and software subscriptions start at $6 per month / per camera. For more information, or demo requests, go to the company’s website.