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Welcome to the New Lemnos Machine Shop

We are excited to announce the re-opening of the Lemnos Machine Shop! Learn all about it and some lessons learned from the woman in charge of the upgrade, Shivani Torres, Lemnos Associate.

Dream: Bringing the World Closer

Introducing Dream, a prime example of our commitment to hardware and software coming together to solve real problems.

Introducing Helm: Helping You Retake Control of Your Data

If data security and your data belonging to you are important, Helm might be the product for you. It gives you back control of your personal information.

Rhombus Systems Announces $3M in Funding to Upend Video Security

Rhombus Systems announced its $3 million seed funding this week. The Lemnos portfolio company is using AI and computer vision to dramatically improve video security systems and the industry.

Nima’s Peanut Sensor Now Available

We are excited to say the Nima Peanut Sensor is now on the market, offering peace of mind to the nearly three millions Americans who suffer from peanut allergies, including those close to us here at Lemnos.

Ceres Imaging Raises $25M Series B financing

Ceres Imaging, a Lemnos portfolio company focused on aerial spectral imagery and analytics, just announced $25 million in Series B financing.

Creator Opens, Offers Robot-Crafted Burgers

You are now able to buy the world’s first robot-crafted burger as Creator, a Lemnos portfolio company, opened its flagship store in San Francisco to the public.

Venture into Hardware with Lemnos and Bumblebee

Want to learn more about the future of robotics and how Lemnos picks its portfolio companies? Listen to the latest Venture Stories by Village Global, featuring Lemnos partner Eric Klein and Bumblebee Spaces CEO and co-founder Sankarshan Murthy.

AutonoMusings launched by RavenOps

Lemnos portfolio company RavenOps has launched a weekly newsletter, AutonoMusings, which features robotic/autonomy-related startup news, the latest technological trends and research, as well as events that they think are most relevant to their subscribers. AutonoMusings will look at all things robot-related from autonomous cars to drones and service robots. The editors would like to invite…

On a Roll: Marble Secures $10 million in Series A Funding

Lemnos portfolio company Marble has announced that it has secured $10 million in Series A funding with participation by Tencent, Crunchfund, Maven, and Lemnos. Marble, a last-mile logistics company, is creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots to transport goods such as groceries, meals, and medicine using secure-access cargo bays. The goal is to help…

Nima Launches New Portable Peanut Sensor

Following the success of its pocket-sized Gluten Sensor, Nima unveiled its portable Peanut Sensor earlier this month. Learn more about Nima, its latest sensors, and what’s next.

Elroy Air Raises $4.6 Million to Transform Cargo Delivery

Elroy Air recently announced that it secured $4.6 million in seed funding to develop its large autonomous cargo delivery aircraft. Elroy Air hopes to bridge the gap between lower-cost but slow truck-based transport and more expensive traditional air transport. Learn more about the Elroy Air logistics system and the company’s plans for the future.

FarmWise Raises $5.7M To Transform Farming

FarmWise announced it raised $5.7 million in Series Seed funding to help pilot its autonomous weeding machine. Learn more about how FarmWise is transforming farming, piloting its initial product, and expanding its team.

Enview Raises $6 Million to Protect Vital Energy Infrastructure

Enview announced $6 million in Series A funding to scale deployment of their technology to some of North America’s largest pipeline and power line operators. Enview provides 3D geospatial data analytics to help pipeline and power line industry customers enhance safety and reliability by detecting threats and preventing incidents.

Swift ​​Navigation ​​and ​​Carnegie ​​Robotics ​​Now ​​Shipping ​​Duro

Swift Navigation, a Lemnos portfolio company, and Carnegie Robotics last week announced that Duro™, an enclosed version of the Piksi® Multi dual-frequency RTK GNSS receiver is now shipping.

Spire Rockets: From Kickstarter to EU Funding in Five Years

Spire Global has announced a new office in Luxembourg and $70 million in Series C funding, including funding from the Luxembourg Future Fund. Learn more about Spire’s latest developments, its newest team members, and its job openings around the world.

Flybrix Launches Target Exclusive DIY Drone Kit Using LEGO® Bricks (Special Deal Below)

Just in time for this holiday season, the Flybrix Quad Starter Kit is now available in all 1800 Target stores and on Lemnos portfolio company Flybrix offer kits that let you make rebuildable, crash-friendly drones using LEGO bricks, and now Flybrix has a new version of the kit for entry-level pilots.

Our newest investment has a familiar face

Jeremy Conrad, one of our founding partners, was instrumental in helping establish Lemnos as the premiere venture capital fund for early stage hardware startups. And now he is starting his own hardware company!

Introducing Built Robotics

Built Robotics, a Lemnos portfolio company, announces $15 million in Series A funding to get its autonomous track loader to market.

Jeremy visits 20 Minute VC

This week Jeremy was on 20 Minute VC with Harry Stebbings. They discussed robots, consumer electronics, and what makes hardware startups difficult. Give it a listen.

Swift Navigation Announces $34M Series B

Congrats to our portfolio company Swift Navigation after raising a $34M Series B round for next generation high-accuracy GPS for autonomous vehicles. Swift has now raised $47.6M to date and is making great progress!

Introducing Teforia Leaf

Teforia has taken their incredible smart-infusion technology and made it simpler, more customized, and more affordable with the introduction of the Teforia Leaf. Learn more here.

Airware Expands Management Team

The Airware team recently announced additions to their management team, while founder and CEO Jonathan Downey announced that he will step down later this month to pass the top job on to Airware’s COO Yvonne Wassenaar. Airware also welcomed Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, to their Board of Directors. With these announcements, Airware continues its growth as the leading enterprise platform for aerial business intelligence.

Airware and Caterpillar

Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Caterpillar made a strategic investment in our portfolio company Airware to accelerate drone data solutions being available at Caterpillar’s dealers. Congrats to both teams! -ek

Nima’s Portable Gluten Sensor is Now Available!

Congrats to the Nima team for shipping their portable gluten sensor! We’ve had the opportunity to watch Shireen, Scott, and the entire Nima team tirelessly work to make this important solution available.

Intel Highlights the Simbe Robotics Tally

We love applied robotics, so it’s no wonder that we love our portfolio company Simbe Robotics. Their Tally robot automates the most mundane, repetitive tasks in retail execution. Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated Tally at the recent NRF 2017 conference in New York City. Read about it here!

Swift Founders Join the 30 Under 30

Congrats to Colin and Fergus from portfolio company Swift Navigation for being named to the Forbes 30 under 30 Consumer Technology list. These guys have been working together since 2012 and it’s great to see them honored by the industry for all of their hard work! -ek

Spire to Enter Aviation Tracking Market

Excited to see our portfolio company Spire Global continue to extend the capabilities of their satellite constellation. Today Spire announced they will enter the aircraft tracking market by adding additional sensors to their future satellites! Read more about it here. -ek

Teforia Announces its Series A!

Congrats to the Teforia team on their $12M Series A venture financing! It’s seems like just yesterday when Allen called to show me the first prototype of the Teforia infuser. The tea was amazing then and today there is a fast growing company around it to introduce people from all over the world to the taste(s) of a perfect cup of tea!

Flying a Drone Made Out of Legos

My son and I love Flybrix! One of the perks of my job is being an early tester for portfolio companies, and testing Flybrix is pretty darn fun. If you love LEGOs and you love flying things, Flybrix made the perfect combination. We were not alone in our interest in flying LEGOs. Here is a writeup from Time Magazine on Flybrix!

Airware Acquires Redbird

Congrats to the Airware team on their purchase of analytics provider Redbird. Welcome to the family, Redbird employees!

Spire Overview

Here is a great Inc. article on our portfolio company Spire and their CEO, Peter Platzer. It has been a pleasure to watch Peter grow this multi-national company. Congrats to the entire team on your continuing success! -ek

Jonathan Downey Joins 35 Innovators Under 35

Airware CEO Jonathan Downey was announced as one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators under 35. Congrats!

Compology in the News

Our portfolio company Compology was highlighted in a recent TechCrunch article about startups focused on waste management. While waste management isn’t a sexy topic, it is a huge market and a great opportunity for new solutions. Just the kind of business Lemnos Labs loves to invest in.

Airware Raises a $30 M Series C

With the Series C, led by Next World Capital, Airware will be able to continue to build out the world’s best integrated system. In addition John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco has invested in, and joined the board. His expertise in selling complex systems to F500 companies will be invaluable in helping Airware continue to grow.

Congrats to 6Sensor on their Series A Raise!

6Sensor recently closed a $9.2 million round led by Foundry Group and Brad Feld will be joining their board. To date, they’ve been able to develop some great technology which focuses on the detection of incredibly small quantities of gluten in food.

Lemnos Labs Announces New $20 Million Fund!

Today we’re thrilled to announce our new $20 million fund. Learn more about the fund and other developments at Lemnos!

Congrats Local Motion

Local Motion announces funding from A16Z. Learn more about this exciting Lemnos portfolio company and their future plans.

How a Garage-Based Incubator Is Fueling the Hardware Revolution

Lemnos Labs is featured In Wired. Lemnos Labs’ Eric Klein is chattering away about the brewing hardware revolution. He says that technology innovations in the last 10 years have made it possible for people to actually accomplish more with hardware for less. That lower barrier to entry will draw more and more people to building hardware.

NanoSatisfi Raises $1.2M To Disrupt The Aerospace Industry With Small, Affordable Satellites

Nanosatisfi is featured In TechCrunch. For years, Peter Platzer was pretty close to a stereotypical rocket scientist on Wall Street — he was trained as a high-energy physicist, but he spent most of his professional career in finance. But he told me he’s always had an interest in space exploration, and now he’s working on an aerospace startup called NanoSatisfi, which just raised $1.2 million in seed funding.

Finally! A Telepresence Robot That Won’t Break The Bank

Revolve Robotics is featured in Wired: “When you can’t be somewhere in person, you can check things out virtually through the concept of telepresence. But not all solutions are created equal, which is where Revolve Robotics’ new product Kubi comes in.” Read the full article.

Local Players Scrambling to Launch Small Satellites

Nanosatisfi is featured in the Wall Street Journal. Read the full article.

Revenge of the Nerds: Hardware Claims Its Place in Startup Society

Lemnos Labs is featured in VentureBeat: “Today, Lemnos Labs held an event called Hardware 2.0 at its SoMA warehouse to bring entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and innovators together to stimulate discussion about the state of hardware.” Read the full article.

How Crowdfunded Hardware Makers Hit It Big In 2012

Lemnos Labs is featured in the WSJ. Read the full article.

Lemnos: A Silicon Valley Incubator for Hardware

Lemnos Labs is featured on Bloomberg Business Week. Read the full article.

Come on Baby, do the Local Motion

Lemnos Labs is featured on Venture Beat. Read the full article.

Hamburgers, Coffee, Guitars, and Cars: A Report from Lemnos Labs

Lemnos Labs is featured on Economy: “At Lemnos Labs, the rapid-iteration, rapid-growth, conquer-the-world mindset typical of Silicon Valley software startups is meeting the world of hardware.” Read the full article.

Incubator Lemnos Labs Is Looking For Its Next Class Of Hardware Startups

Lemnos Labs is featured on Tech Crunch: “It seems like everyone’s worried about an incubator bubble, but seriously — Lemnos Labs is doing something different. It’s not just incubating the latest social network or iPhone app. Instead, it’s looking for startups that actually build stuff, and by stuff, I mean hardware.”

SF Hardware Incubator Lemnos Labs Is Accepting Startup Applications

Lemnos Labs featured on Startup Grind: “Different is good. In a startup world where everyone seems to be drawn towards the same products and verticals, Lemnos Labs is trying something different and I hope it’s hugely successful.” Read the full article.

Lemnos Labs: A New Incubator Breeding Great Hardware

Lemnos Labs is featured on Startup Grind: “Hardware’s startup stock has been on a massive rise the past few years with companies like Square, Jawbone, Flip, Fitbit, and Nest gathering excitement beyond software.” Read the full article.

Hardware Makers Draw Cash as New Gizmos Pop Up

Lemnos Labs is featured in The Wall Street Journal. Read the full article here.

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