Dream: Bringing the World Closer

Introducing Dream, a prime example of our commitment to hardware and software coming together to solve real problems.

Introducing Helm: Helping You Retake Control of Your Data

If data security and your data belonging to you are important, Helm might be the product for you. It gives you back control of your personal information.

Rhombus Systems Announces $3M in Funding to Upend Video Security

Rhombus Systems announced its $3 million seed funding this week. The Lemnos portfolio company is using AI and computer vision to dramatically improve video security systems and the industry.

Nima’s Peanut Sensor Now Available

We are excited to say the Nima Peanut Sensor is now on the market, offering peace of mind to the nearly three millions Americans who suffer from peanut allergies, including those close to us here at Lemnos.

Ceres Imaging Raises $25M Series B financing

Ceres Imaging, a Lemnos portfolio company focused on aerial spectral imagery and analytics, just announced $25 million in Series B financing.

Creator Opens, Offers Robot-Crafted Burgers

You are now able to buy the world’s first robot-crafted burger as Creator, a Lemnos portfolio company, opened its flagship store in San Francisco to the public.

Venture into Hardware with Lemnos and Bumblebee

Want to learn more about the future of robotics and how Lemnos picks its portfolio companies? Listen to the latest Venture Stories by Village Global, featuring Lemnos partner Eric Klein and Bumblebee Spaces CEO and co-founder Sankarshan Murthy.

AutonoMusings launched by RavenOps

Lemnos portfolio company RavenOps has launched a weekly newsletter, AutonoMusings, which features robotic/autonomy-related startup news, the latest technological trends and research, as well as events that they think are most relevant to their subscribers. AutonoMusings will look at all things robot-related from autonomous cars to drones and service robots. The editors would like to invite…

On a Roll: Marble Secures $10 million in Series A Funding

Lemnos portfolio company Marble has announced that it has secured $10 million in Series A funding with participation by Tencent, Crunchfund, Maven, and Lemnos. Marble, a last-mile logistics company, is creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots to transport goods such as groceries, meals, and medicine using secure-access cargo bays. The goal is to help…

Applied Robotics and Beyond: The 2018 Lemnos Portfolio

It is that time again—when we take a moment from finding and nurturing the best hardware startups to talk about what we are excited about this year. We believe the defining trend of 2018 will be applied robotics, but we are also excited about and invested in other arenas. Find out more here.