There is no “i” in team and there definitely isn’t an “i” in hardware. Hardware startups thrive because of team chemistry and deep skills across many disciplines. Your first ten hires must excel in at least seven disparate yet interconnected functions. As a hardware founder, you need a team that brings experience, different backgrounds, and radical transparency to help you succeed. That’s us; each of us has helped build startups and successful hardware products. We share your drive to change the world. We think like engineers because we are engineers and we are hardwired for hardware.



As an ex-MLB front office executive, Helen has an eye for finding the most driven founders with the best potential and helping them exceed their goals. She is your secret weapon to help you think strategically about growth and evaluate the best ways to fund your business.



Eric is all in: he lives and breathes hardware. An electrical bench is right next to his desk. He’s built some of the world’s most well known products and is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and teaching them how to build great hardware, discover market fit, and develop world class leaders and teams.


Director of Portfolio Dev.

Tim is the master teacher when it comes time to move from prototype to production. Drawing on years of experience building complex systems and products, Tim is in your corner when you enter the challenging world of manufacturing, operations, and scaling your engineering team.



Shivani is a human torch, igniting passion in those around her. She draws on her years at Stanford’s PRL and as a co-founder to help entrepreneurs shift their perspective, sense subtle customer sentiment, and recognize untapped potential.


Operations Manager

Marion maintains all things Lemnos, from the facility to our events and is here to coordinate all of our founders’ activities. Marion is the essential piece of the engine that allows us all to succeed.


Venture Partner

Jeremy works tirelessly to help entrepreneurs see the hidden patterns that link disparate technologies to market opportunity. He is an ace at networking and helping founders cultivate strategic partnerships within the tech community.


Venture Partner

Rachel is like a 5’3” (with shoes) swiss army knife for venture-backed startups.  Early in her career she spent years in engineering and operations and still loves diving into the details of a plan.  More recently she’s been a partner at a VC firm and active angel investor.  Her super power is her ability to make connections – whatever your problem, odds are that Rachel has a cousin or a colleague or a friend from kindergarten that is just the right person to help you.


Venture Partner

Dave is a seasoned entrepreneur currently building his next great startup. Dave shares his wealth of practical experience with our portfolio companies and helps Lemnos find the next great founders and hardware teams.